I personally have lived in Topeka since 2001 so I have a good feel for the city. Topeka is the capital of Kansas so it employs many people through state government. The state Capitol building itself was recently renovated and is a major tourist attraction (click here to view some pictures of Capitol building).  The total population for the city  is around 130,000.

Washburn University is a major draw to Topeka, Kansas. Washburn is what brought me to Topeka originally and it is where I received both my Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree. Washburn has over 7,000 students when you combine both it’s undergraduate students and graduate students. Click here to learn more about Washburn University.

Here are a few other benefits I have found for calling Topeka home:

  • There are a tremendous amount of trails available for hiking around the city of Topeka.
  • Great highway system so that you can get nearly anywhere in town in less than 15 minutes.
  • Topeka was recently ranked 9/10 out of the best affordable cities in the United States! Click here to view the article.